&Now 2019: Points of Convergence

Saturday, September 21, 1:15pm
Panel: Where Languages Converge/Collide

with Mónica de la Torre, Tonya M. Foster, Stefania Heim, Prageeta Sharma, Simone White
University of Washington, Bothell

Saturday, October 26, 10am-noon
Boynton Poetry Workshop: Ekphrastic Practice, Writing With Art
For centuries, poets have been making works that speak to, about, or out from pieces of visual art. John Keats asks direct questions of the Grecian Urn (“What men or gods are these?”). Carol Ann Duffy gives voice to the painting’s silent subject, the “Standing Female Nude.” Mary Jo Bang leaps from photographs to philosophical musings (“Art is what looking takes you to”). And Robin Coste Lewis collages descriptions of Western art objects in which a black female figure is represented in order to animate a history of art’s complicity in violence. Each of these writers uses art as a jumping off point for vibrant, original poems. We will join these experimenters, writing poems that describe, animate, and talk back to works of art in all genres. This workshop will be generative, giving participants a chance to expand their usual subject matter and deepen their practices of looking. Together, we will develop strategies and prompts for writing new poems, playing with imagery, sensory detail, perspective, voice, narrative, and history.
Registration Required
210 W. Holly Street
Bellingham WA

Saturday, October 26, 7pm
Reading with Natalie Shapero
Hugo House
1631 11th Ave.
Seattle WA 98122

Sunday, October 27, 4pm
Book launch & celebration: HOUR BOOK and Geometry of Shadows
BRUNA Press + Archive
221 Prospect Street
Bellingham WA 98225

Thursday, November 21
Reading with Kristen Case
UMaine New Writing Series